Official Video of KARE performing her brand new single FREE THE HERBS produced by Tuff we Tuff. Stream Free The Herbs : https://ift.tt/MXeO02z Visual Direction : Kare & Studio Lovell Videography and Video Edits : Studio Lovell Styling : Karolyne Wambui,Nile Dawta,Kare BTS and Photography : MUKUVI Connect with Kare online : Instagram : https://ift.tt/C6MGYoj Facebook : https://ift.tt/89QwpuZ TikTok : https://ift.tt/Al0xdFO LYRICS Chorus Wont you please just Free The Herbs and make we plant some more trees Healing of the Nation growing,blooming in every field*2 Early in the Morning,earth,water,fire In my Chalice ,My heart Desire Marijuana so nice to meet you and mi never plan fi leave you They know you Heal You are a Big Deal You set minds free my eyes get smaller but i see clearer so mi never plan fi leave yah Chorus Visit the farm and you’ll see Natural healing growing from beneath My Feet this ground is Holy Healing for my Soul and my Body Remedy for the Children and Everybody Diffrent Kind of Herbs,for different kind of things Ginger,Cayenne pepper and some pepermint Really good for your respiratory Have to burn some sage as i engage in My physical health as i stretch and bend. Chorus Educate How to Medicate, Teach the youths the right use and not to Abuse the Medicine, This is Serious not just Entertainment , There is more to the Herbs than just Enjoyment.

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